Editorial: Exploring the frontiers of regenerative cardiovascular medicine

Authors: Julie A Phillippi, Elena Aikawa, Josh Hutcheson


In this issue, a perspective article from investigators of the International Society for Applied Cardiovascular Biology (ISACB) by Hutcheson et al. details significant progress in applying cardiovascular biology in translational directions. A comprehensive retrospective first takes us through the work of international experts since the first human heart transplant in Cape Town, South Africa. This benchmark event in 1967 was commemorated 20 years later when this society was born and then 50 years later in 2017 when scientists reconvened in Cape Town for a celebration and international convention on cardiovascular disease. Motivated by the topics discussed at this commemorative assembly, this comprehensive perspective takes us through the past 50 years, highlighting the pioneering and innovative efforts of the scientific community of clinician, engineer, biologist and industry thought leaders to meet the critical needs of yesterday through interdisciplinary and international cooperation and to address today’s unmet clinical needs for patients with cardiovascular disease. This published Research Topic represents a curated collection of articles that uniquely attack cardiovascular disease from multiple directions, and uniformly embrace a reaffirmed interdisciplinary mission to understand and treat cardiovascular disease through regenerative medicine.

Source: Frontiers in Cardiovascular Medicine, 2019 Feb 26;6:13