Microfluidics for understanding model organisms

Authors: Frey, N., Sönmez, U.M., Minden, P. LeDuc, P


New microfluidic systems for whole organism analysis and experimentation are catalyzing biological breakthroughs across many fields, from human health to fundamental biology principles. This perspective discusses recent microfluidic tools to study intact model organisms to demonstrate the tremendous potential for these integrated approaches now and into the future. We describe these microsystems' technical features and highlight the unique advantages for precise manipulation in areas including immobilization, automated alignment, sorting, sensory, mechanical and chemical stimulation, and genetic and thermal perturbation. Our aim is to familiarize technologically focused researchers with microfluidics applications in biology research, while providing biologists an entrée to advanced microengineering techniques for model organisms.

Source: Nature Communications, 13, 3195 (2022)